Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre has been providing extensive and reliable diagnostic and clinical services to its patients and clients for near decades now. Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Located in Churachandpur Manipur. We have started the laboratory with the objective of providing accurate, cost effective and timely diagnosis to all its patients and clients. Timely, reliable services and emphasis on quality were the key attributes that made Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre the most preferred laboratory in a very short span of time. In the initial days Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre serviced the in-house patients and patients of the Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre; gradually it widened its bandwidth by affiliating with prominent hospitals in the neighborhood. Today Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre is trusted by majority of nursing homes and hospitals of Churachandpur, Manipur, and nearby suburbs. Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre is committed to advance the understanding and diagnosis of diseases and to train and develop leaders in pathology, laboratory professionals and other healthcare personnel.

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