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9th August 2021| Announcement | No.1Digital X Ray in Churachandpur

Tuni, Date 10th August 2021, Tuesday, Dak 11am leh Jerusalem & Diagnostic Centre IB Road Lamka Churachandpur ah Medicine Doctors Specialist/Physician kietsak thei ding ahi.

Khawsik, Luhai, Thachau, Gilna, Kikhu, Zunthum nei leh Damlo na zat chuam chuam neite kietsak vekthei ding ahi.

Akietsak nuam ten Clinic counter number 03874235924/03874796024 ah min ziklut masak thei zing ahi tai.



Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre

Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Since 2012. Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Churachandpur, Lamka, Manipur, India. TO OFFER BEST MEDICAL SERVICES To build a chain of quality health care by compassionate medical professionals;accessible and affordable to all.

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