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Health Check Up Plan for 2021

Notice | Offer hunbeita


31st Dec 2020

Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre,IB Road,Lamka,Churachandpur,Manipur.

Registration No.MNHCR/NO/150/DC/2016,ADCC:11/DC/14/14-12.…/

No.1Digital X Ray in Churachandpur.

Kum 2020 bei ding ahi taw ki tawn in, tukum sung ading ah Offer ki bawl te 31st December 2020 chan ahin beita ding ahi.

Pathian pan pi na zal in test Zunthum 50% discount, 10% discount all test(Government nasemlote) leh BPL Card Holder te 20% discount kum 2020 sung in damlo panpi na ala kibawl hi.

Tu kum sang ah damthei zaw ding in Pathian in kum thak 2021 ei pui gal kai chiat ta hen.


Propreitor-Jerusalemclinic & Daignostic centre.

Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre

Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Since 2012. Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Churachandpur, Lamka, Manipur, India. TO OFFER BEST MEDICAL SERVICES To build a chain of quality health care by compassionate medical professionals;accessible and affordable to all.

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