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25th Sep 2019 | Get In Lamka

Date 2nd Oct 2019 ni leh Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Lamka,Churachandpur,Manipur ah Dr.Arambam Athouba Singh,MS, M.Ch
(Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon)
– Ex Chief Cardiac Surgeon
Hayat Heart Centre, Guwahati
– Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
Nasik Super Speciality Hospital,
– 9 Years experience in Cardiac Surgery.

Imphal Heart Institute a pat in damlou hung en ding ahi. Lungchang lam ah nawplou na nei te ki etsak vek thei ding ahi. A ki etsak nuam te’n ki etsak man pia in min zik lut thei ding ahi.


Zia ni hin echocardiogram(echo) le bawl thei ngal hi ding ahi. Echo bawl man Rs.1800/- hi ding ahi.

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