You are currently viewing Free Blood Sugar Test till August 2022

Free Blood Sugar Test till August 2022

16th August 2022 | Jerusalem Clinic
Zunthum nei sa leh nei ding ah ki gingchate athawn a ki test thei ding in kawt hawn ahi kit tai. An nek ma Annek zaw(FBS/PP), chu leh khatvei test(RBS) chau le hi thei ding ahi. Ki test pat thei ding ni 15th July to 31st August 2022 sung hi ding ahi.
Zia gual a Blood Sugar athawn aki test hi Jerusalemclinic in kum sin le zunthum Churachandpur District sung ah sukbei vek ahi thei na ding dawina ala bawl zing sek ahi.

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