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Free Diabetes test 50% Discount in sun zawm ding

31st August 2022 | Jerusalem Clinic

Free Diabetes test kum sin leh Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre IB Road, Lamka, Churachandpur in a bawl 15th July to 31st Aug 2022 chan ding ti ahi dungzui in tuni hi ani last pen ding ni ahi tai. Tu chung a free a ki test manlo te ading in Sept to Oct 2022 sung hi 50% discount a bawl zawm ding lem sak ahi. Zia gual Free Diabetes test hi I khawpi sung a Diabetes sukbei vek ahi thei na ding a  Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic centre in kum sin leh mipi ading ah offer abawl zing sek ahi.



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