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Liver Transplant Surgeon at our Door steps, Ccpur

16th Nov 2022 | Jerusalem Clinic

Kumtam tak chia ta apat tu tiang in Liver Transplant Surgeon kietsak na ding in state dang a chia na ding in Flight ticket lak ngai hial in ala um hi maleh zia haw chu tu apat ngai talo ding in bailam tak cha Lamka khawpi Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre IB Road, Lamka, Churachandpur a kiginni sin leh dak 11am akietsak thei zing ding ahi tai. Zia gual hamphat na chung a hamphat na chung chuang ala um kit nalai chu Consultation man Rs.700/- ding hi maleh tukum sung ading in Rs.500/- hi phawt ding ahi.

Liver Cirrosis, Liver cancer, Bile duct cancer, Liver adenoma, Liver Jaundice etc zia aki zik nat na te hi diagnosed la hi chun Liver Transplant Surgeon la nei kin pawimaw ding ahi.

Thin na bai lam tak ah nei khak thei ziang ahi ziak in nang ma ah zia anuai a te gual in thil atung kha em?

  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Tattoos or body piercings
  • Injecting drugs using shared needles
  • Blood transfusion before 1992
  • Exposure to other people’s blood and body fluids
  • Unprotected sex
  • Exposure to certain chemicals or toxins
  • Family history of liver disease

    For more information and Booking for Consultation , Please call Counter Number 03874235924 / 03874796024 ,

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