19th Jan 2021 .

Kal ah suang um,Kal ah Suang um um kit sek, Zunthum ziak ah Kal hoilo, Gilna zing, Operation na damtheilo, Zun thak haksa leh Gilna pha thei chuleh San ten kumlui neite ading ah doctor Specialist Urologist Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre,Ib Road,Lamka, Churachandpur ah kietsak thei ding ahi.

Akietsak nuamten booking bawl thei zing ahitai.

Contact : 03874235924/ 03874796024

Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre

Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Since 2012. Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Churachandpur, Lamka, Manipur, India. TO OFFER BEST MEDICAL SERVICES To build a chain of quality health care by compassionate medical professionals;accessible and affordable to all.

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